Secret Garden

12:59 PM

X saba ak nk tggu
Ending drama korea Secret Garden
Ra Im ng Jo Woon akan b'tukar soul
bila tiba wktu hujan..
bila ak tgok satu2 cite
ak ske part ayat2 yg best
contoh ny mcm dlm cite neh..
Jo Woon mhidap pnyakit AIW Syndrome
(Alice In Wonderland) 

 Alice In Wonderland Syndrome
is a mental illness
It is looking through the wrong
end of a pair of binoculars
It is as if u r living in a
fantasy world of a fable..

 If its not, why the heck does
my every moment wit the 
ordinary girl feel like a fable

Alice asked can u tell me 
which road I hv to take?
the cheshire cat replied
Do u want to go where I want to go?

It doesnt matter where..
Then, what does it matter which way u go?
As long as I get somewhere

Then, u will arrive somewhere
without a doubt
dat is....if u walk long enough

** Sains dan org tua punya persepsi t'hadap
sesuatu penyakit sgt berlainan..=p

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