Wasiat terakhir

10:15 AM

"In this life, there is nothing that you hoped will actually come true as you imagine…All the frustration I had in these past few weeks had merge my body and soul for the longest period of time since for so long…I only hoped that this will not become my breaking point and I can continue to Contribute..But as matters worsens, I may do things in a suicidal compulsion…I just hoped it won’t be too quickly..Anyway.. anyone that reads this.. If I finally departed.. I wish to make sure my family knows EVERYTHING there is to know about me… Even if it was the worst of me.. that was who I am…God would send me to hell for all that I’ve done but who cares when it was too late anyway…so that will be my good bye and I hoped it wouldn’t be soon but not too long as well… Living is HARD…" by shachess.

tolong jgn salah phm
ini bkn wasiat ak
tp wasiat arwah shachess 
sblum dia commit suicide
di 'Jambatan Cinta' 
tasik depan bilik ak.. 

** Penyelesaian masalah bkn melarikan
diri dr masalah

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