Perintis GenH dlm Herbalife

11:39 PM

ini Maryam (kanan) & sponsor ny Amalina
President team & executive pres team ak
mereka lah perintis genH dlm dunia hiburan 
Herbalife ak..
terjebak ny ak, slps 1 mini STS di Melawati
masa tu guest speaker ny Maryam
yg dlu ny merangkap classm8 ak
5 taun dlu Maryam just nk tolong fmly die jek
tp skrg dah jadik usahawan muda
agak trkejot ak dgar sharing drpd Maryam
x sangka ak dlu mse kat sek 
rupe2 ny die idop dlm kesusahan
sgt2 sedey dgar sharing drpd Maryam
(T T)

"5 years back, I was just a normal student
 who wanted to find ways to help my mum and family, 
and Allah sent this person in a very miracle way ...
she showed me the 'magic door' 
and she gave me the key to open it ...
im glad I chose to open it and entered in...
our life changed totally Masyallah...
if it can happen to me, it is also can happen to anyone"

ini kata2 Maryam dr FB
sgt terinspirasi beb!

ini pulak sponsor ak
jugak merangkap kwn ak mse sek men
thanks Ane sbb kenalkn ak dgn Herbalife
byk yg ak blaja dr sini
xpecially ttg positive & semangat
-feeling blessed-

** It's your tym to change yor life

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