love shape..

10:17 AM

dis is not my own idea..
but ciplak from another person meh..

A sweet poem from 
-Nima Akbari-

Youre my man, my mighty king
n im the jewal in your crown
youre the sun so hot & bright
im yor light-rays shining down

youre the sky so vast n blue
n im the white clouds in yor chest
im a river clean n pure
who in yor ocean finds her rest

youre the mountain huge n high
im the valley green n wide
youre the body firm n strong
n im a rib bone on yor side

youre an eagle flying high
im yor feathers light n brown
youre my man, my king of kings
n im the jewel in yor crown

**  im not a love-addicts type person..heheh!

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