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"The house of the bottlenose Dolphin is located in the Caribbean Sea. Three playful dolphins swim around an equivalent field of complementary forces surrounded by conspecifics and colorful coral. The environment is harmonious and surrounded by happiness." -DEJO

"We are compelled to seek solutions to make our planet livable, there are clearly many reasons why we worry about the future and our energy consumption. The funnel of energy allows us to see some possibilities for a wise use of our energy future. Let us work together there!" -IQOY

"The world is more and more filled with buildings, however birdlife overall stays the same: eating, breeding, migrating South, migrating North" -JAFR

“A monkey comes upon a small mountainside where a patch of mushrooms grow. Hungry, he eats one and embarks upon a mind expanding trip and becomes the first ‘wise man’. He contemplates the world and his place in it. One theory in mankind’s evolution is that one of the triggers that caused our ape-like ancestors brain-power to expand quickly was that they stumbled upon magic mushrooms.” -ZIGOWST

Oh! ak da jtuh cinta ng website neh
art diowg sgt2 cantek plus unique
ad stori di sebalik art diowg
hope sgt 1 ari nnt
ak dapat hasilkan lukisan mcm neh

**release tensen sat utk test esok pg

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