Royal pirates..

3:02 AM

addicted ng band indie dr Jepon
Royal pirates song + remake best!!
Top 3 lagu RP yg ak ske

1. Like butterflies

Maybe I, maybe I’ve made a mistake of loving you
Butterfly, but if I could fly to you. I would.
Nol gidarinun haruharu, machi ilnyon gatta
Norul hyanghan naui mamun noui maumgwa ttokgatta
Ddaerun darun yaga manni nol puranhagei hagiman
Gokjongma naeigein na haru ppuninikka
Noei gyottei obsi jigumun anijulsu obsiman
Nul dalkkomhan malloman noui guiei suksakilkkei
Sarang katuk damgin ipmajchumul gudaeeikei pachilkkei
Naui ppumei norul anko hangsang norul shikkyajulkkei
But if I, like butterflies, could fly away
Just you and I, then nothing would ever be the matter

2. Disappear

Tell me that this is my mistake and youre not
Telling me that this is the end, no I hope not
And you are burning me inside
Things that Ive never meant to say I told you
Thing that you wanted me to say, I never did
And this is burning me inside

Ill try to leave this behind
Ill try to leave you afar

Would you disappear
To where youve never been before
I just cant let you be here no more
And Im not stopping you here
So just disappear

Youve taken me down and let me drown
I shouldve taken you down with me
And all the things we share
Lets just burn it all on sight

3.Crawling out

I tell you there’s no reason
I don’t want you to miss the reason
Why I can’t be here anymore
Just wanna disappear
Leave nothing with you here
‘Cause I can’t sleep with you by my side

Tonight I’ll just slip away
Tonight I’ll give you the one last kiss

I’m falling down
‘Cause it’s not easy to forget what you’ve done
You’ve let me down
‘Cause you never noticed
That we were nothing but done

You were there at the club downstairs
Looking dizzy with the few cheers
I walked right in front of you

Never doubted that you wouldn’t come
With me to the hotel room
And that’s how we came together that night

Tonight Let’s not stay on our own
Tonight I’ll give you the one last kiss


** erk...last song tuh ak x ske sgt lirik ye

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